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Alexander Wilson’s Manifestation Magic Review: My Honest Review

Hello everyone, I am Charles Poole from Honolulu, Hawaii. I like to welcome you to my Manifestation Magic review.

Do you wonder why you feel good for a very limited period but feeling down most of the time?

This is because you think positive from your ‘conscious’ mind that sends only 5% thoughts you get in a day. And the rest of the 95% thoughts are coming from your ‘SUB-conscious’ mind.

So, the key is not only to raising yourself in the positive state, but keeping your vibration raised….

This is where Alexander’s Manifestation Magic shines!

Alexander Wilson created Manifestation Magic to solve two problems. First, it removes negative thoughts from your subconscious mind, and then, it keeps you in the positive state. This is why many people are getting positive results from it.

Leave others, I tested this program myself, and I got $5000 from GoDaddy by selling my one-year-old domain. Yes! That’s 5K bucks for just saying YES. I’ll share my success story later in this Manifestation Magic review.

What Is Manifestation Magic by Alexander Wilson All About?

Manifestation Magic

This program created by Alexander Wilson for all those individuals who want to manifest real spendable money. The money that they can spend to pay bills, or pay for their holiday trip.

This program contains some of the most powerful manifestation tracks that can help you bounce back bigger and better than you ever thought!

Alexander’s manifestation program contains ‘Energy Orbiting’ audio tracks that are the combination of ‘Brainwave Entrainment’ and ‘Subliminal Suggestions.’ This is the most powerful technique ever known to the human being that removes negative thinking pattern from the deepest level of your subconscious mind.

Within just a week of using this system, you will start noticing positive changes in your body. And to experience all these great feelings, you only need to put on your headphone and listen to these ‘Energy Orbiting’ audio tracks.

What Exactly Is In The System?

Module #1a – The ‘Energy Orbiting” Audio Program:

Enery OrbitingIn this module, you will get audio tracks that use ‘brainwave entrainment’ technology that will bring your mind into a much deeper and open state.

Then, you will get audio tracks that contain ‘subliminal suggestions’ that will fill your mind with a positive belief about money and wealth. Subliminal Suggestions is the most powerful tool for the ‘re-programming’ of the brain.

This module contains ‘Twilight Transformation’ that can alone bring significant changes in your life. All you have to do is to LISTEN IT.

Although many users listen to these tracks at different period of the day but, I suggest you to listen them in the night just before sleeping for 30 days. This provides ample time for subliminal suggestions to work strongly in your mind.

Module #1b – Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track

This Energy Orbiting track is an important part of this program because it helps you in understanding your limiting belief and how to remove them.

These limiting beliefs stop you from achieving what you want.

You have to play this Energy Orbiting track while you sleep because your subconscious mind will pick these messages while in the theta state.

Module #2 – The Manifestation Guide:

This manifestation guide provides 4-step to manifest your desire that should use with ‘Energy Orbiting’ tracks.

These audio tracks will raise your vibration to make manifestation much easier. You can combine these tracks with the 5-step manifestation method to manifest money quickly.

This 5-step manifestation method is very important because it will help you to manifest real money. The money that you can spend. This will prove the power of manifestation.

Along with these components, you will also get three other bonuses. These are:

Bonus 1 – Chakra Power System:

Chakra Power System

This Chakra Power System is very similar to the seven tracks provided before. This system contains some audio sessions that can remove negative beliefs and help you manifest your dreams.

The track provided inside this system is design in such a way that they remove blocks from one’s chakras (energy) spots.

You have to listen to these tracks every night to get the best results from them. However, by combining these chakra tracks with other tracks you can get maximum success from them.

Bonus 2 – 360 Transformation System:

360 Transformation System

The audio tracks provided in this 360 Transformation System help you in improving your inner beliefs.

These tracks will allow your subconscious mind to help you manifest your goals.

Bonus 3 – Push Play App:

Push Play App

The third valuable bonus that comes with this program is the Push Play App. This is a very useful app that is available for Android and iPhone devices.

This app contains all the tracks, and all you have to do is to play them whenever you want. It is always important to have everything in one place, and this is why this app comes handy.

Alexander’s Manifestation Magic Is The Easiest Personal Development Program:

I have a strong belief in the manifestation. Before creating this Manifestation Magic review, I tried different manifestation and LOA programs.

In my personal opinion, I would say YES it is one of the easiest personal development programs that I’ve come across.

Manifestation Magic and 15 Minute Manifestation are only those two self-development programs that don’t advice a simple exercise which is very much common with self-development programs.

Easiest Manifestation Program


This is because both these programs contain audio tracks that users can listen and experience the benefits.

However, 15 Minute Manifestation depends only on theta frequencies which I feel is less effective than the combination of Brain Entrainment and Subliminal Suggestions method used inside Manifestation Magic audio tracks.

Another great benefit of Manifestation Magic is “Push Play” app that contains all the audio tracks found inside the program. It is always good to have all these tracks in the one easily accessible place.

P.S: Users of Manifestation Magic will get free lifetime access to ‘Push Play’ app. It has 3.5 ratings in the Google Play store because it requires a unique access code that provided only to its users.


Builds On A Solid Science: The main reason why this manifestation plan is getting so many positive reviews is that it has solid science to back it. Researchers and scientist agreed that Brain Entrainment and Subliminal Suggestions are two powerful methods for re-programming mind.

Provide Actions That Work: The main problem with ‘The Secret’ is that it advises to ‘think positive.’ Although this advice sounds good, but it rarely works especially if the world around you is in shambles.

Easy To Use: I say it again, Manifestation Magic plan is one of the easiest manifestation plans that worked for me. All you have to do is to press ‘play,’ and these audio tracks will do all the work for you.

Genuine Testimonials: Not only reviews on the sales page are very positive, but people are posting their positive Manifestation Magic review on social sites like Facebook and Reddit.

Instant Access: Manifestation Magic is the digital program that gives you instant access doesn’t matter even if it is 6 a.m. Of course, there is no shipping cost or delays.

Money-Back Guarantee: Alexander has complete faith in this program. This is the reason he is offering you a money-back guarantee. You have sixty days (from the date of your purchase) to test this program without any risk. Within these days, if this program fails to deliver results, you will get your money back.

How I Got $5000 From Godaddy?

As I promise at the start of this Manifestation Magic review, here’s my success story.

One year back, I decided to create a local news site and post content from other sides. Although I purchased the domain (I can’t reveal it now as I am not the owner now), but due to my laziness, I never got a chance to work on it.

I got interested in manifestation and law of attraction ever since I watched ‘The Secret’ movie. Till now, I went through many of such courses in this category like 15 Minute Manifestation, Manifestation Masterkey, and Manifestation Miracle, etc. All of these did help me in improving my life in some way.

But, the real SPENDABLE money manifest after listening to Manifestation Magic tracks for seven days.

First, I haven’t believed why someone wants to purchase my domain until I get a confirmation from one of the Godaddy domain brokers. The buyer was ready to pay $2000, but after a little negotiation, he increased his bid to $5000 and without wasting a single minute, I said YES.

Godaddy email proof

Earning $5000 was huge for me as I never got this type of FREE MONEY in my life.

And my happiness on that day was over the sky when I received this email:

Money is like water; it finds its way by itself.

I hope more days like these come to my and your life. Amen!

For these days you have to make efforts now, doesn’t matter how small they are.

Alexander’s manifestation tracks proved helpful for me, and I hope it will be for you as well. Grab the copy now and start manifesting real spendable money now.

I hope you like this Manifestation Magic review and found it helpful. Do share this review with your friends and family member. Don’t forget, you have the power to change your world.

Final Verdict – Is Manifestation Magic A Scam?

Manifestation Magic is not the made-up, woo-woo, or hocus-pocus nonsense… It is NOT a rehashed, crappy, or a junk program that only deceives people of their money. It is also NOT a ‘Think Positive and World Will Serve It For You’ type of program.

Manifestation Magic also comes with 60 days no-question asked money-back guarantee.

However, it does have some CONS too.

manifestation techniquesIf you want Manifestation Magic to yield results, then you have to follow this program from top-to-bottom and listen to the soundtracks every day for the entire period of 30 days. You may start experiencing positive changes in your life earlier but if you believe in ‘overnight success’, then there is no such thing.

Also, if you are one of those individuals who collect the program and do nothing with the information inside them, then I would advise you NOT to waste your money and time with this program. This program is ONLY for dedicated people who REALLY want to change their lives for good.

So does this program helps in unblocking limiting beliefs to create abundance and happiness?

Many studies and research proved that listening to these brainwave frequencies indeed changes the way that the brain operates.

That’s alone is enough proof that audio tracks in Manifestation Magic assist you in creating more positive thoughts in your brain.

Although, Alexander believes that you will get results instantly. I tried it myself, and I got results ($5000 SPENDABLE CASH) in just seven days but still, I believe if you are new, then it may take you few months to see positive changes in your life.

I was following the law of attraction for many years and after listening to these tracks, I got $5000 within just seven days. All I can say is, the universe works in a very strange way. You can get a breakthrough at any day and any second.

So, that was all I have to say in this Manifestation Magic review. Opinion, experiences, or success stories shared in this review are not endorsed or approved by Manifestation Magic or Alexander Wilson.

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